1. Why Variety Is Key

    Hey sports fans, America’s pastime is back! Baseball is such a great game, isn’t it? Even if you don’t like the sport. You may not know a knuckleball from a slider, but so what. It’s as much about those warm summer evenings at the park, the murmuring crowd, the hotdogs, that gentle drifting …Read More

  2. An Inside Look at Our Services

      Our mission at Goodbye Blue Monday is to assist our customers in achieving their brand awareness objectives by providing quality merchandise and expertise efficiently, affordably, on time, every time. Is that an iron-clad Battleship statement or what? It’s an online, Big Box jungle out there, w…Read More

  3. Reveal Your Company’s Values With Your Products

    It can take a lot of time, effort, and innovation to really get your name out into the world in a meaningful way. You can hand out coffee mugs with your business’ name on it, or even offer t-shirts with your logo, but when there isn’t a sentimental connection, there won’t be any value. And whe…Read More

  4. A Brief History of Screen Printing

    The majority of us have an idea of what screen printing is and maybe something about how it works, but do you know when it began and the specifics of the process? This ancient craft has come a long way (which we’ll dive into soon) and Boulder’s Goodbye Blue Monday has been providing premium qual…Read More

  5. Welcome to our Blog!

    Goodbye Blue Monday understands how difficult and challenging it can be to grow a start-up business. There are several other screen printing companies in Boulder and countless other promotional product companies in the world. We won’t deny that they all make great products, but what makes us diffe…Read More