It can take a lot of time, effort, and innovation to really get your name out into the world in a meaningful way. You can hand out coffee mugs with your business’ name on it, or even offer t-shirts with your logo, but when there isn’t a sentimental connection, there won’t be any value.

And when there isn’t any value, your customers will have no reason to come back.

Great Products = Value = Customer Retention

So how can you achieve value by providing your customers or potential clients with valuable promotional products?

Promotional Products BoulderUse Products That Reflect Your Company

If you send out 1,000 lunch bags to your most loyal customers, but after a week of use they began tearing at the seams and your logo started flaking off, it doesn’t reflect well on your company. This will give the impression that what you’re selling is also cheap and won’t last.

Why Are You Sending Certain Products?

Selecting the right promotional product is a great time to show what is truly important to your company. For example, if you sell products to help people enjoy the outdoors, such as camping equipment, you don’t want to give out mouse pads or a popsocket. This might be common sense, but the next time you’re looking through a catalog for new products, take your time and think about the values you are projecting with your choices.

Think Outside of the Box

Again, choosing the right promotional products takes time! Putting some brain power and creativity into your promo products can make a big difference. Take your company’s mission statement, for example. If you’re a healthcare company and talk about providing quality healthcare to your members, give them a product that will reflect that mission. Consider a first aid kit, mini containers of tissue paper, hand sanitizer, or even a heart rate monitor. All of these will reflect your passion and value for healthy living.

Be Direct

In today’s fast-paced marketing world, there’s nothing wrong with being direct. If you want to show your values of honesty, strength, commitment, or consistency, create a design for a promotional product with those exact words in it! You don’t always need to be overly clever with your marketing to get the point across, which could be lost if it’s overthought.

When you provide products that are high-quality, have a purpose, and show the values of your company, your customers will see and appreciate your company. When your customers appreciate the business, they’ll be more likely to come back! And that’s something we all want for our company.

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