Why Screen Printing Works

Have you ever wondered if screen printing or other printed materials are right for a marketing or advertising strategy? You may be thinking that print is so old fashioned! It’s all about having a strong online presence! Well, that’s right, but print hasn’t been put to rest quite yet. At Goodbye Blue Monday, we want to give your print strategy a boost with high-quality products that can be put directly into the hands of potential customers and will keep existing customers coming back. Still not convinced that print is the way to go for your company? Here are a few reasons why print is, in fact, still strong and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Print is Tangible

Online ads are a really great way to bring attention to your company and put focus on a special or sale that’s going on. But your customers can’t take ads with them. The benefit of print marketing is that it’s a physical product that customers can interact with, use in their daily lives, and the products will still be in their lives for years — if the quality is good. With quality products that last, customers can carry your logo and your company’s message with them, sharing it with others.

Establishes Your Brand

What happens when people are carrying, or wearing, your company’s logo or message? It shows everyone that your company and your brand is here and here to stay. An established brand is one that you will see and can recognize. You would, of course, recognize the logo or brand for Facebook, Visa, or Apple if you were to see a printed sign on the street. Don’t you want the same brand recognition for your company?

Reaches Your Target Market

Every company has a market that they are targeting. REI, the major outdoor retailer, wants to target the adventurous, outdoor type. Your bookstore, flower shop, grocery store, auto shop, all have target audiences that you want to reach to increase traffic and sales. Reach them with high-quality screen printing and products that feature your logo or message.

Grabs Attention

A large part of what makes print marketing successful is that it can grab people’s attention. This is due in large part to a really great design concept. The backpack, the hat, t-shirt, first-aid kit, water bottle, towels, etc. — if they all have a really good design, it can quickly gain the attention of potential customers and will get them curious about your company.

Attention To Detail

Again, it’s all about high-quality products. When you give or sell products to customers that are high-quality and have a great design, it will show them that your company cares and is passionate about even the smallest details. A poor-quality product may help get your logo or company name into the world, but when it falls apart the next week, they won’t be impressed and may even think that other services or products you offer are also low-quality.


Our Screen Printing Capabilities

From screen printing and embroidery to promotional products and product sourcing, Goodbye Blue Monday is your source for high-quality products and services. If you want to present your logo, message, company name, and values to the world in a real, effective way, work with us and we’ll provide you with exceptional products and services. Every screen printed product that we create is built with attention to detail, and we always strive to exceed expectations.

We operate one 10-color and three 14-color automatic presses, as well as manual presses for print sampling. Our flexible schedule allows for large volume press runs on short notice. If you have an upcoming corporate event and want something unique to hand out, we can fulfill your order and still provide superior quality and results.


The following are the primary inks we utilize in our screen printing operation:

High Density Inks: Give your screen printing an edge — literally. High-density inks allow the print to stand above the fabric’s surface giving the apparel a texture and depth.

Gel Inks: Add a shine to the design. Similar to high-density inks, gel inks give a rounded, softer edge to the print.

Puff Inks: This ink is a plastisol and expands with heat that gives your screen printing design a 3D look.Check out this helpful guide for more information on getting started with your screen printing order, and in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive. Our Boulder screen printing company will go above and beyond to ensure that you and your customers are 100 percent satisfied.