When you create a display of your products in your store, you not only want to make them look appealing, but you want them to attract the attention of people walking by outside and gives people inside a reason to take a closer look. Without this attention and interest, potential customers may simply be walking by your products and will move on to another store. When customers move on, they may find a more interesting and attractive store, but the products themselves may not be what they want or need. If you have a high-quality product that you know people will find value in, utilize your product display to grab people’s attention! Not sure how to do this? Whether you’re showcasing custom apparel, bike parts, or brewery equipment, here are some tips on how to best present your products.

Get in Touch With Your Artistic Side

Sounds easy enough, but we know that creativity doesn’t always come easily. Especially when you’re trying to showcase your products in a unique way. However, if you can find an artistic way to display your products, you’re utilizing design and creativity to create an interesting as well as functional display. Take denim, for example. Denim is a material that is moldable, so there are several ways in which you can display these products.

Incorporate Technology

Technology doesn’t have to mean anything out of this world or using it in a way that’s complicated or technical, but it can go a long way in attracting people’s attention. The hardest part is finding a way in which it will work for you and your products. It could be something as simple as motion sensors that activate a song to play when a customer walks by.

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Tag Everything

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is incredibly important. When an item doesn’t have a price, a potential customer may assume that it’s too expensive to even bother asking how much the price is. Or even worse, they just don’t want to spend the time tracking someone down to ask a price. Either of these scenarios may result in the product not being purchased. And we know you don’t want that.

Rethink the Traditional

Many retailers use traditional display cases, stands, or racks for their products, but this really only sets up a boring foundation for the products. If you have a store that allows for some display freedom, try to use a non-traditional surface. If you have a furniture store, display your pillows on the couches and chairs as well as on a wall. If you sell jewelry, find some vintage mannequins to wear the pieces alongside the traditional jewelry case.

Use Models

If your business sells custom apparel, a traditional display is mannequins, but if you have the money, go the extra step and hire live models to truly display the products. This may be an extreme option, but customers will get to see the product as it should be — in use. This highly unique way of displaying products can also be a great way to get some social media traffic.

Custom Apparel BoulderShow Your Customers Where to Go

Larger retail spaces have an even greater challenge of attracting people’s attention to their products because there’s so much to look at. After setting up your floor plan or if you’re planning on reorganizing products, set them up in a way that forces customers to set their eyes on the products. Customers typically will walk through a store and scan products within a 45-degree angle of their own path. Use your products and floor plan to keep products at a 45-degree angle from the customer.

Keep it Open and Friendly

When there’s a group of people in or around a store, it will cause people walking by to be curious about what’s going on. But how do you get people to come into the store in the first place? Give them something to be excited about, whether it’s your product or not. Offer free cucumber water, give them a place to rest outside the store, or if it’s possible, allow customers to experiment with the product. At a flower shop, for example, set out a handful of a few different flowers and have people practice arranging their own bouquets.

Make it Interactive

We touched on this in the previous tip, but an interactive display is similar to using live models. It allows potential customers to actually get their hands on the product and try it for themselves. If you can, put out a “tester” product that lets customers experience the product first hand.

Custom Apparel BoulderKeep it Colorful

People are attracted to color, it’s as simple as that. Even if your products aren’t the most colorful things out there, keep the display itself colorful and bright. Try to avoid monochrome displays that will just bore the customer and cause them to move on. Use colors that are complementary (reference the color wheel if necessary), and keep like items close to each other for a cohesive design.

Change it Up

Even if you have a really amazing display, it’s important to keep it fresh and new so that new people who come by won’t always see the same thing. Switch out the products themselves or switch out the actual display design, but either way, keep it moving so that there is always something new for people to see.

Product display is potentially more important than what the actual product is. You could be selling the best loose leaf tea, running shoes that cut running times, or the most stylish apparel, but if you don’t have a quality display, people may not notice the product.

If you need help with displaying your products and maximize sales, Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder has branding services to help you set up a brilliant display. From custom apparel to fishing gear to fine art, there’s a right and a wrong way to display your products. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you create an attractive and unique display.