Our screen printing operation is capable of spot prints to 14 colors, four-color process and a variety of special effect applications using high density, gel, and puff inks, iridescent and thermal change inks, water-base and discharge process inks and more. We want to give your design a unique and custom feel that has beautiful details and that grabs people’s attention.

High Density Inks: Give your screen printing an edge – literally. High density inks allow the print to stand above the fabric’s surface giving the apparel a texture and depth.

Gel Inks: Add a shine to the design. Similar to high density, gel inks give a rounded, softer edge to the print.

Puff inks: This ink is a plastisol and expands with heat that gives your screen printing design a 3D look.

We operate three 14-color and one 10-color automatic presses, as well as manual presses for print sampling. Our flexible schedule allows for large volume press runs on short notice. If you have an upcoming corporate event and want something unique to hand out, we can fulfil your order and still provide superior quality and results.