For many, Greek life is a fundamental part of the college experience. Between making friends, participating in community events, and hosting get-togethers with other houses, your life is at one of its busiest and most exciting times. 

Being a part of a Greek house takes a lot of dedication, so you should be proud and show off your house. Whether you have the name written out, have the Greek letters printed, have a house motto to share with the world, are advertising a Greek life event, or you just want to represent your house in comfort, Goodbye Blue Monday can help you create custom apparel that you and your brothers or sisters will want to wear for years to come. Contact our shop in Boulder to get started!

Show Off Your House Name

You learned that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” while reading “Romeo and Juliet” for your Shakespeare literature class. In the same way, you’re just as awesome with or without custom apparel that has your house name on it — but don’t you want the world to know who is responsible for how cool you are?

You can wear a variety of T-shirts, jackets, hats, and even sweatpants that have been customized with your Greek house name printed or embroidered on them. Not everyone knows Greek letters, after all, so make sure you have your house’s name on full display wherever you go.

Make It Greek

Of course, you’ll want to show off your house’s Greek letters because it’s part of what makes Greek life so unique. Even if your fellow classmates don’t understand what the letters mean, it’s a great ice-breaker to talk about your house, how you’re helping the community, and how others can get involved.

Share Your Motto

What does your house stand for? What do they care about? Share your motto with the rest of the world by wearing custom apparel with your Greek house’s motto on it. You’ll be able to find more like-minded people and network when you have your house’s catchy slogan on display.

Advertise Events

Are you trying to advertise an event for your Greek house? Maybe you’re hosting a fundraiser or you’re trying to spread the word about Rush Week to get more recruits. Whatever your Greek life event is, advertise it with custom apparel for your classmates and community members to see. See how this method sparks conversation and gets more people involved with what you’re doing!

Represent In Comfort

Whether it’s an early morning class or a sleepy Sunday brunch, you can keep things cozy while still representing your house with custom apparel like sweatshirts, sweatpants, or just plain ol’ comfy T-shirts. Keep your bedhead on the DL with an embroidered ball cap that features your Greek letters, and settle in for a relaxing study session in your screen-printed sweatpants. 

At Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder, we offer a variety of services to help inspire your brothers or sisters, advertise Greek life events, or just relax in style with custom apparel. Contact us today for a quote on your next order of Greek life custom apparel.