The term “artist” is an umbrella that covers a variety of creative passions. Musicians, painters, writers, and graphic designers alike are artists. When it comes to promoting their work, custom apparel can be a great avenue to increase visibility and allow supporters to get involved. 

At Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder, we are all about supporting artists in their creative endeavors. Learn how custom apparel can help raise public awareness of your craft, and contact us today to get a quote on a project.

Showing Support

Custom T-shirts can promote artists in a lot of ways, but one of the best ways is that it allows supporters to show their love for the artist’s work. Whether you have friends, family members, or co-workers wearing a custom T-shirt with your artwork on it, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have a group of people who’ve got your back and want to support you.

Market Shows & Exhibits

Another great way that a T-shirt or other custom apparel can promote an artist is by marketing upcoming shows or exhibits. If you have a booth at the Farmer’s Market, a T-shirt is a great way to let the public know where they can find and purchase your art on certain days of the week. 

If you have an upcoming exhibit, a custom T-shirt can be effective in communicating when the opening is, what the theme is, and which other artists will be participating.

Experimenting With Materials

If you only work in a certain medium, custom apparel can be a great way to break out of your creative shell and experiment with other materials. Custom apparel offers a lot of freedom because you can choose the type of fabric, color of fabric, and how detailed the design will be.

Suddenly, you aren’t just a painter or musician — you’re also a T-shirt designer.

A Walking Portfolio Piece

While most of your art may hang in a gallery or hang out on the internet, a custom T-shirt is a walking portfolio piece that a variety of different people will see. Anyone who interacts with the person who wears your custom T-shirt has the opportunity to ask about your work or decide to check out a show simply because they saw something you created on an article of clothing.

Gets The Public Involved

When it comes to artwork, there is often a fourth wall between the piece and the observer or listener. Custom apparel is a way for the artist to break down that fourth wall and interact with the public. 

When people wear your work or something that represents it, suddenly they’re involved and more invested in what you’re doing. Creating custom apparel is a great opportunity to really connect with people.

The best part about custom apparel is that you don’t have to have the resources or skill set yourself to create custom T-shirts or articles of clothing to promote your artwork. 

Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder specializes in custom screen printing, apparel, promotional products, and embroidery to make sure you have an amazing product that you can use to spread the word about your work. Contact us today if you’re ready to get started.