How On-Site Screen Printing Works

Our portable printers can be taken anywhere. We have perfected the turn-key process here at Goodbye Blue Monday, allowing us to be able to take our custom screen printing on the road! We will come to your location, set up the printer, and get to work. People can watch the T-shirts or other apparel being created and leave with their very own.


Get Your Name Out There

On-site screen printing allows businesses to get a head start on promoting their company. For small businesses, brand recognition is a big part of growing and being successful, and what better way to get your logo into the hands of potential customers?

This also shows potential buyers that you believe in your product or service so much that you’re willing to give away something more meaningful than a pen or a paperweight to help get their business.

Make Printing Fun

Corporate parties can be somewhat monotonous when everyone tends to gather around tables and small talk their way through the night. Give everyone something to remember with on-site screen printing. We can print custom T-shirts or any other apparel that you want to have featured at your event!


How To Get Started With Goodbye Blue Monday’s On-Site Printing?

It’s just a three-step process:

  • Book your event.
  • Decide how many people will want T-shirts (be generous in your estimate).
  • Give us a call, or fill out the form below.

After that, it’s up to us. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Record your T-shirt quantity estimate
  • Talk to you about the kind of T-shirts you want
  • Order the T-shirts
  • Assist you in coming up with some terrific designs (if you haven’t)
  • Make those terrific designs a reality (again, if you haven’t)
  • Create the artwork and get it ready for the printing process
  • Gear up, show up, and set up
  • Put a professional team of printers to work pleasing your attendees with second-to-none T-shirt printing