People love to participate in events that they care about, and they love having swag to show off their passions! Whether you’re a non-profit organization that aids medical research or you’re a shelter organizing your next adoption day, promotional products are a great way to get your name out there and spread information about your next event or fundraiser.

At Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder, we offer a variety of custom promotional products that people will actually love to use. If you’re trying to figure out the most effective promotional products you should use, keep reading our blog for ideas. When you’re ready to get started, check out our promotional page and contact us.


Everybody loves a good T-shirt, so choosing the perfect cut and blend is key when deciding to promote your event with T-shirts. An awesome design never hurt, either.

Check out the best options for custom T-shirts, and get in touch with us to start designing  every aspect of your T-shirts and other custom promotional products.


Where do people put stickers? Better question: where don’t people put stickers? If you’re trying to spread brand awareness and promote a fundraiser, stickers are an incredibly effective tool because they’re easy and adhere to a variety of services.

People like to put stickers on their water bottles, phone cases, laptop covers, on street signs, and bathroom stalls. With a striking design and methodical placement, you could be attracting an entirely new demographic to support your cause.

Bumper Stickers

You feel like you get to know a person when you’re stuck behind them in traffic. What better way to promote your event than to hand out bumper stickers that others will read at the stop light when they have nowhere else to go?

Like stickers, bumper stickers are a great way to reach a demographic that you otherwise might not think to advertise to. Pretty much everyone drives or at leasts walks by cars in parking lots, so having an eye-catching bumper sticker to promote your fundraiser can be incredibly effective.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are a great custom promotional product — especially if your fundraiser is a race, walk, or some other form of physical activity. 

Active people love to show off the events they participate in, so providing them with a water bottle that has your stylish logo and “half marathon” printed on it is definitely something they’ll be proud to show others. When they do this, they’ll have the opportunity to share more about your organization and why they got involved.


People who work a nine-to-five grind need to stay caffeinated. Whether they’re swinging by their neighborhood coffee shop on the way to work or they have a stash of tea at their desk, many people have a favorite mug that they love for people to comment on.

What if their favorite mug had your logo on it? This is another great platform for your supporters to start a conversation while they’re chatting with their favorite barista or enjoying some “water cooler” talk with their co-workers.


If you’re looking for effective and custom promotional products to advertise your organization’s next fundraiser, contact Goodbye Blue Monday to get started.