As the temperatures are dropping, we’re here to remind you at Goodbye Blue Monday that the holiday season is just around the corner! And while you may be focused on making sure you don’t leave any family members out of your gift list, there are other people in your life that you should not forget either — your wonderful colleagues and customers!

In our experience of watching our clients grow along with our own custom screen printing company, the key to any great business is relationships. The more solidified your relationships are with not only your clients, but also your workers, the more seamless your operation runs.

Whether or not you already have instilled a tradition of providing your beloved clients and employees with business gifts, here are some of the ways that corporate gift-giving can benefit you in strengthening relationships.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts

Communicates Respect: Building a mutual respect is key to having positive outcomes in business. Sending the right gift communicates to the receiver that you admire and appreciate your working relationship with them.

Establishes Trust: Corporate gifting can help immensely in building confidence when you are beginning a business relationship with a new client or employee. It shows you are committed to them and hope to receive the same loyalty in return.

Creates Agreeableness: Custom corporate gifts can enhance diplomatic and corporate relationships, paving the way to good-natured agreements. When clients are appreciative of your gesture, they become more open to any new ideas you may wish to present, as your gift shows that you are not one to merely prioritize your own personal interests.

Builds Culture: In many cultures, gifting is a main cornerstone to celebrating and building community. A business culture is no different in this way, which is why providing your hard workers with a personalized token of your gratitude will help show they are appreciated, motivating them to continue to put forth their best efforts for the betterment of the company.

Tips On Corporate Gifts For Clients

Many companies send holiday gifts to demonstrate their appreciation for clients using their products or services. The problem with this is they are likely receiving similar business gifts from the other companies they collaborate with, meaning if you settle for your typical, run-of-the-mill coffee mugs or similar bargain promo gear, they will likely end up neglected in the bottom of desk drawers or, in many cases, regifted.

The best corporate gifts for clients are ones that can best represent the identity of both you and your client’s company — fully encompassing the relationship you have. This way even if the gift is not something they end up using on a daily basis, it at least shows that you truly value your partnership, which is the true purpose behind corporate gift giving!

Tips On Corporate Gifts for Employees

Between your board members and your nine-to-five grinders, your team deserves a gift that truly demonstrates how much you appreciate them. Deciding on what type of corporate gift to choose for your sending to all of your employees can be an incredibly daunting task, though.

To start—if you’re in charge of selecting a company-wide holiday gift, select something that is genuinely useful and made with high quality that your employees will appreciate. It’s normally safest to buy the same gift for all employees, regardless of their role, unless you would rather order an assortment of different corporate gifts and let the employees choose for themselves! This not only will ensure that each member of your team receives a gift that they like, but it also gives them more freedom, demonstrating that you value their opinion.

We hope that we have helped you to see the value that quality corporate gifts can have for you and your business and that you will use these tips help you as you begin your quest to provide your clients and colleagues with exceptional corporate gifts that will make them smile and feel truly appreciated for their work.

If you’re ready to get started with ordering gifts for your business, Goodbye Blue Monday is your destination for the very best in business gifts with unmatched variety and detail. Learn more about our corporate gift capabilities.