Your business does amazing things: you provide a necessary service, you help other businesses succeed, and you offer your employees incredible benefits and incentives. No wonder you get so many applicants on a regular basis!

If you don’t do so already, offering welcome kits to your new employees is just another incentive for professionals to apply to your company. At Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder, we offer a variety of custom promotional products to help businesses make an impression. Learn more about the promotional products you could include in your employee welcome kits to communicate that you’re excited for them to be joining your team.

Notebooks & Pens

Your new employees have a steep learning curve ahead of them to get familiar with your company’s culture and processes. Make sure they’re prepared with custom notebooks and pens to take notes and schedule their week.

This shows your dedication to their organization and personal development within their role at your company.

Lanyard & Badge

Bigger organizations need a way to identify their employees and roles at any given moment. Nothing is more official than a custom badge and lanyard. If your employees use key access to get into the building, the badge can also be enabled for swipe access, incentivising them to keep their badge handy at all times.

Custom Business Cards

If your employees work with other businesses or the general public, arming them with business cards gives them a reason to network at any given moment. Make sure their business cards show the employee’s name and position within the company. This gives them more authority than a generic card does when they’re interacting with clients.

Stickers & Decals

Stickers and decals are great swag items to include in a welcome kit for employees because they get to decide what to do with these. Whether they have a water bottle, notebook, laptop case, daily driving vehicle, bicycle, or even a musical instrument, they’ll be excited to represent their company, their way.

Water Bottle & Coffee Mug

Speaking of water bottles, providing your employee with a bottle or coffee mug communicates to them that: “We care about your health; stay hydrated and energized!” 

It’s a subtle message but it’s there, and your new employee will appreciate the gesture.

T-Shirt & Other Custom Apparel

One of the best ways to make your employees really feel like a part of the team and raise brand awareness is through providing custom apparel. Whether it’s custom screen printing, custom embroidery, or other custom apparel, your employees will proudly represent their company through branded T-shirts, embroidered jackets, and screen printed sweatshirts.

Custom Promotional Products From One Place

Offering all of these custom promotional products to your employees is a great gesture, but it becomes inconvenient if you have to work with a variety of vendors to receive all of your products.

Fortunately, Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder specializes in a variety of custom promotional products so that you can get all of your swag from one place. Learn more about our custom screen printing, custom embroidery, custom promotional products, and custom branding services today!