A significant part of using promotional products is adding your company name and/or logo to the product in an attractive and useful way. If the point of the promotional item is to promote your brand and company, you want to display it in a way that will quickly grab the attention of anyone who sees it, right? But depending on the product, you can put the logo, your company name, or a message in a variety of places. So what’s the best strategy for displaying your information on different products? We’ll tell you!

Promotional Products BoulderOn Shirts

There are a variety of placement options for a company name, logo, or a message on a t-shirt. Which one is best depends on the overall feel you want the shirt to have. For a more professional and corporate look, put your logo and company name in the upper right of the shirt (when looking at the front of the shirt). For a more casual look, you can enlarge the logo and display it right in the center of the shirt and put your company name at the top of the shirt and in the center. This will allow you to put a cool design on the front and provide some information on the back.

Promotional Products Boulder

On Backpacks

A traditional place to put a logo or company name on a backpack is straight in the center of the largest space on the pack. While this gives the opportunity to enlarge the design for maximum visibility, it does depend on the backpack’s design and the logo. First, choose a backpack or even a drawstring sports pack that fits your needs and decide where it would look best aesthetically. Great choices are toward the bottom of the backpack or in the center. For a unique placement, try right at the very top so the user will see the logo whenever they unzip the bag.

Promotional Products BoulderOn Hats

Surprisingly, there are quite a few options for logo placement on a hat. For a regular baseball cap, two of the most popular areas are on the brim in the center, and on the very front in the center. Both of these placement options allow people to see the information and are classic choices. Some other unique options include below the brim for a surprise when you take the hat off, on the back of the hat, or for a beanie, inside the hat so when it’s flipped up, the logo is revealed.

Promotional Products BoulderOn Water Bottles

It may seem like this is an easy decision, but placement on a water bottle, thermos, or mug has two important factors: the top-to-bottom placement and whether you want a one-sided bottle or if you want it to wrap around the entire surface. Keep in mind where you or other people commonly hold a bottle — you don’t want the information to be hidden with your/their hand. A unique choice is to place the logo toward the bottom instead of the center like most promotional products.

Promotional products can be easily designed to create a good looking product. But when you put some extra thought and effort into the design, you can come up with some unique options and products that users will love.
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