Hey sports fans, America’s pastime is back! Baseball is such a great game, isn’t it? Even if you don’t like the sport. You may not know a knuckleball from a slider, but so what. It’s as much about those warm summer evenings at the park, the murmuring crowd, the hotdogs, that gentle drifting breeze from right center—perfect for bermudas, flip flops and maybe even your favorite silk-screened custom t-shirt from Boulder’s Goodbye Blue Monday. Okay, if that’s a stretch, wait for the Crackerjacks at the top of the seventh.

But do you know what makes great teams great? Pitching. You’ve got to have good stuff on the ball. And what makes a pitcher great is that they keep the batter guessing. It’s about variety. Take the change up for instance. A pitcher with a 100-mph fastball is twice as effective if they can deliver a convincing off-speed change up for dessert.

It’s the unexpected that’s sure to get people’s attention. And just like that off-speed pitch, a bit of variety in your promotional product selection will get the attention of your valued customers as well.

Even now, nearly 30 years later, some of our customers aren’t aware that Goodbye Blue Monday produces more than just quality screen-printed custom t-shirts and embroidered clothing. That’s what I’m here to tell you. We do MORE, dang it! In fact, think about any object that can have an image affixed—we can do it. The same ol’, same ol’ becomes routine, predictable, and maybe even downright boring. Time for a change up in your promotional product game perhaps?

Step Your Promotional Product Game Up

Let us show you some alternatives to the standard, predictably predictable, blah blah promotional products. Think in terms of combinations or “kits,” as we call them. A backpack with a matching super-cool hydration vessel and sharp ball cap to top it off—all embroidered or custom printed with your brand—that’s an unexpected trifecta of promotional perfection. What about custom bicycle bells, or imprinted sunglasses (polarized, of course)? And right out of left field, the seasonal special, our new and improved custom imprinted whoopee cushion. Now THAT would be unexpected—a real attention getter guaranteed to incite levity among even the most somber. Am I right or am I right? Heck, I know I’m right.

So get on the horn and call your GBM sales specialist—these whoopee cushions are available only while supplies last. And while you’re at it, ask to enter our drawing for two free Colorado Rockies tickets given away each month of the summer baseball season. Whoopee!