Whether you’re looking for a unique holiday present,  work event swag, or your own custom apparel, embroidering products and apparel is a great way to add interest and detail to swag and gifts. With embroidery machines revolutionizing designs, quality, and speed, there’s almost no limit to what can be embroidered.

At Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder, we can create custom embroidery pieces with up to 12 different colors for items that are entirely unique. Learn more about getting custom embroidery from us, and continue reading for more information about machine embroidery.


An important feature that an embroidery machine must have is an embroidery hoop that the fabric being embroidered is placed into. This is a key part of the machine because it prevents the fabric from shifting while the machine embroiders the design. 

If a border or color doesn’t line up with the rest of the design on an embroidered product, it’s a sign that the hoop did not keep the fabric stable and it moved during the embroidery process. You don’t have to worry about this issue, though, when you go through Goodbye Blue Monday for all of your custom embroidery needs. We use the highest-quality machines to give you the best embroidered products.


In conjunction with hooping, stabilizers are another method used to prevent fabric from moving during the embroidery process. Depending on the type of fabric, stabilizers can either be used on top of the fabric or underneath. Certain materials with nap — or a more distinguishable texture — must use a topside stabilizer to hold the nap down so the fabric doesn’t poke through the custom embroidery stitching.

Two common topside stabilizers are Water Soluble and Heat Away. Once applied, these stabilizers will keep the material taught during the embroidery process. Afterward, Water Soluble will dissolve in water, while Heat Away can be ironed off and turns to ash — there will be no sign of stabilizers on your finished product!


With modern technology and the process of digitizing, it’s possible to use certain types of embroidery software to convert an image into a design that the embroidery machine can replicate. This digitizing software can create custom embroidery paths using specific colors to create a design that is entirely unique.

To learn more about this process and to get a quote on custom embroidery, contact Goodbye Blue Monday today!

Free-Motion Embroidery

While we use the highest-quality embroidery machines on the market to deliver you the best possible custom embroidery designs, it’s worth noting that some people use a rad work-around to embroider material.

We’re talking about free-motion embroidery, and it’s the process of using a regular sewing machine to embroider fabric. This process uses the feed dog and darning foot of the machine, but otherwise the design is drawn and filled in by manually moving the fabric! The trick is to move your hands in unison with the machine so that the stitching is even, but it’s possible to find a stitch regulator to help with this process.

Unlimited Options 

At Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder, our custom embroidery machines are enabled with 12 different color options per design with a capacity of 18 different heads of embroidery. Check out our gallery of custom embroidery, and contact us today to get started on your project!