Embroidery — it’s not just for grandmas anymore. At Goodbye Blue Monday, we’ve taken the traditional method of embroidering and given it a 21st century upgrade for faster and higher-quality promotional gear with unique style and boundless design options. Embroidered products, whether for promotional purposes or for custom apparel, gives your products an extra unmatched element of durability that shows your customers that you are quality-focused and provide items that truly last. When it comes to marketing in today’s age, it’s all in the details, and nothing shows you put care into the details than custom embroidery. Read our posts for more information on what our custom embroidery can provide for you.

  1. How To Care For Your Embroidered Apparel

    With the help of machine embroidery, it’s possible to make some incredible and custom embroidery designs on clothing and other cloth products. After you’ve received your order of custom embroidery though, how do you plan on taking care of all the intricate threading that you’ve paid good money…Read More

  2. Everything You Need To Know About Machine Embroidery

    Whether you’re looking for a unique holiday present,  work event swag, or your own custom apparel, embroidering products and apparel is a great way to add interest and detail to swag and gifts. With embroidery machines revolutionizing designs, quality, and speed, there’s almost no limit to what…Read More

  3. Best Embroidery Items For The Holidays

    The holidays are here! All the family will be heading into town soon to spend quality time together in your home, enjoying each other's company for another great year of tradition.   This year, it’s time up your holiday game with new decorations to get your home into the festive spirit. One great…Read More

  4. Screen Printing vs. Embroidery

    Creating a cohesive branding strategy for your company is about making difficult decisions about what to present to your customers. This includes how to display your products on the shelves, the design of your logo, the layout of your website, and even the choice between screen printing and embroide…Read More