It’s the beginning of the day, you’ve just gotten out of bed, taken a shower, and then have begun digging through your dresser for something to wear. In one drawer, you find a regular T-shirt that’s a bit boxy, it boring to look at, and isn’t particularly comfortable. You stop to question: When is the last time I’ve even worn this shirt? Am I ever going to even wear it again? Where would I even wear it outside of my room?


Once you skip past this dilemma, you find one of your go-to T-shirts in the other drawer that fits well, has a great design, is still in great condition, and is incredibly soft and comfortable. Obviously, this is what you decide to rock for the day while the other shirt continues to gather dust and wrinkles.


Most all of us can relate to these scenarios, so when it comes to going to have custom screen printed shirts created for representing your company and giving out to others, why would you ever settle for a cheaply made, low-quality option? These types of assembly line T-shirt designs drive us crazy at Goodbye Blue Monday as we want everyone to experience the quality and effectiveness that custom screen printing like ours in Boulder can provide.


When it comes to screen-printed T-shirts, promotional products, or any product for that matter, quality is always an investment. While it can be tempting to cut cost initially by ordering cheap tees online from some distant manufacturer, going with a premium option may end up saving you money overall. How? We can explain.


By opting for the low-quality route when it comes to your custom-made T-shirts, your shirts will not be worn nearly as much by those who receive them and, more than likely, will be donated to a thrift store where they will spend the rest of their days instead of in your potential customer’s closet.

Better Shirts Means Better Marketing

For your custom screen printing to be a worthwhile endeavor, it has to be used as a viable marketing tool, which means people must wear your custom T-shirts and be seen wearing them. Sure, you may be minimizing costs in the short-term by having cheap T-shirts made instead of premium ones, but if no one likes your shirts enough to put them on, then you’re really wasting money on ineffective marketing. You wouldn’t waste money on purchasing a billboard advertisement in the middle of nowhere just because it’s “more cost-effective” would you? The same can be said for your custom T-shirts, so don’t skimp!  


Ink Matters

Another element that goes overlooked when going about choosing a screen printing company for creating custom T-shirts is the type of ink used in their process. It’s normal to get thousands of prints from one gallon of ink, but again, the quality of the ink being used can have a major impact on the duration your shirt designs will last along with how vivid and correct your company’s graphics will be portrayed. Working with a screen printing company like Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder means you’ll get the best inks available today at great prices. With so many different colors, finishes, and makeups to choose from, you can genuinely receive one-of-a-kind prints with each order you place.


The type of custom T-shirts you choose for your business represent how you do business to others, so do you want a poor quality T-shirt that fades and shrinks quickly, fits uncomfortably, and ends up in your local thrift store in a matter of months? Or, would you prefer to have your shirts made with quality, custom screen printing using quality materials, graphics, and attention to detail that will be appreciated by all those who receive them?


If you answered the latter, reach out to the team at Goodbye Blue Monday to receive a free quote on your custom screen printing needs today. We’ve proudly provided many of today’s top companies and apparel brands with quality apparel that lasts, and we want to help you next!

From custom T-shirts to all sorts of other custom apparel options, if you can think it, we can ink it!