1. One Pass At A Time: The Process Of Screen Printing

    At Goodbye Blue Monday in Boulder, we follow a very specific process to make sure each and every custom screen print is perfect and to our client’s satisfaction. Learn more about the custom screen printing process, and contact us today if you have an amazing design you’d like to see made real. S…Read More

  2. 30 Years Of Helping Businesses Grow

    This April, at Goodbye Blue Monday we’re celebrating the 30-year anniversary of our screen printing, embroidery & promotional products company. This calls for a celebration! In order to show our appreciation to our loyal customers in the community and beyond who have come to us for our custom …Read More

  3. Guide To Submitting T-Shirt Designs

    Submitting Artwork To Our Screen Printing Company Whether you’re an aspiring apparel designer, business owner, little league coach, or simply someone with a great idea for a T-shirt design that you want to rock yourself, you want to bring your creative ideas to life by having a screen printing com…Read More

  4. Reasons to Choose A Local Print Shop: Part 2

    Welcome to part two of our blog series on the reasons to go to your local print shop with all of your custom screen printing needs rather than the big box printing manufacturers. If you want a refresher of the first of our reasons to print locally, check out Part One of our series. If you’re in th…Read More

  5. Reasons To Use A Local Print Shop: Part 1

    As you likely know, if you search Google for “print company,” you will end up with more than a billion results. How do you choose which is best for you, your project, and your company? Search for “print companies near me,” on the other hand, and you end up with a shorter list of local screen…Read More

  6. Why Premium Screen Printed Shirts Are Better Than Cheap Tees

    It’s the beginning of the day, you’ve just gotten out of bed, taken a shower, and then have begun digging through your dresser for something to wear. In one drawer, you find a regular T-shirt that’s a bit boxy, it boring to look at, and isn’t particularly comfortable. You stop to question: W…Read More

  7. Make an Impression With Print

    Have you ever wondered if screen printing or other printed materials are right for a marketing or advertising strategy? You may be thinking that print is so old fashioned! It’s all about having a strong online presence! Well, that’s right, but print hasn’t been put to rest quite yet. At Goodby…Read More

  8. Switch Up Your Screen Printing Order

    Many of us have predictable schedules outside of work and jobs that seem to start all over again with the same routines each day, month, and year. There may be little changes here and there. Happy hour Friday after work? A concert on the weekend? But even with these mini excitements, we eventually s…Read More

  9. An Inside Look at Our Services

    Our mission at Goodbye Blue Monday is to assist our customers in achieving their brand awareness objectives by providing quality custom merchandise and expertise efficiently, affordably, on time, every time. Is that an iron-clad Battleship statement or what? It’s an online, Big Box jungle out ther…Read More

  10. A Brief History of Screen Printing

    The majority of us have a general idea of what screen printing is and maybe something about how it works, but do you know when it began and the specifics of the process? This ancient craft has come a long way (which we’ll dive into soon), and Boulder’s Goodbye Blue Monday has been providing prem…Read More