Our mission at Goodbye Blue Monday is to assist our customers in achieving their brand awareness objectives by providing quality custom merchandise and expertise efficiently, affordably, on time, every time. Is that an iron-clad Battleship statement or what?

Screen Printing BoulderIt’s an online, Big Box jungle out there, with numerous mega-vendors just a simple mouse-click away that are willing to provide many of the same products that we produce in-house at our production facility in Boulder, Colorado.  With the advent of electronic commerce years ago, we thought we would either adapt and join the movement, or perish as a promotional product vendor.

We didn’t.

We’ve found that people are still people, and that most still appreciate a personal connection with a company representative from which they purchase their promotional items. It’s akin to connecting to a live human being when calling your bank. It doesn’t happen very often these days, but when it does, what a relief, huh?

Slapping on an embroidered emblem or printed ink may seem a simple proposition, but there is a lot that takes place behind the scenes that many people are unaware of…until they become painfully aware.  

Size, color, style, fit, texture, weight, quantities, image location, lead time, price point—there are so many avenues to get it wrong, and only one pathway to get it right. Correct?   

So rather than Big Box, one size fits all, we’ve elected to remain “boutiquely” nimble and quick. It’s a matter of Quality and Pride in doing what we do.  

We still ask for press-checks and sew-outs, and gladly provide pre-production samples when time permits.  

Goodbye Blue Monday has been in the printing business in Boulder for nearly 30 years, in the same location, and with many of the same team members. In that time, we’ve accumulated a load of experience—primarily good, but some bad—and even a tiny bit that was downright ugly. But that’s the value of experience, and we’re here to lend our experience and guidance to ensure your project’s success with personal attention.  

When spending marketing dollars, wouldn’t you rather create branded marketing materials that your recipients will actually value rather than discard at their first opportunity? Take for instance that perfect-fitting, uber-soft branded shirt that’s become a Saturday afternoon favorite. You know, the one you’ve kept for years, even though the dog chewed it a little and despite that it’s faded into a distant Pantone range? OMG!  “That’s my all-time fave!”

When we hear that (and we have), we know we’ve succeeded in our mission. And if it’s embellished with your brand, so have you. That’s what we strive for. That’s a good day.

Try getting that experience from a Big Box.  

Nah. Actually, don’t do that. Just come to us in the first place.

And since we’re on the topic of successful branded promotional products, you should know that we do much more than just apparel.

Goodbye Blue Monday can also help with Merchandising and Display, E-Commerce Websites, Product Selection and Sourcing, Graphic Design, Fulfillment and much more.

In fact, we’ve recently added Mobile Event Printing to our arsenal of services.  We’ll bring our rig to your gig, along with an entertaining Party Print Professional who will personally see to it that your guests leave smiling and with a customized, printed-on-the-spot party favor. Your event is sure to be one for the books — guaranteed!

Warmer weather is imminent, so book soon for best availability.