Many of us have predictable schedules outside of work and jobs that seem to start all over again with the same routines each day, month, and year. There may be little changes here and there. Happy hour Friday after work? A concert on the weekend? But even with these mini excitements, we eventually settle into a monotonous routine and schedule. If you look back at what you were doing this time last year, was it about the same thing as you’re doing this year? Well, it’s time to change things up!

Screen Printing BoulderTake a look at what you ordered from Goodbye Blue Monday last year. Was it an order of custom T-shirts for your company’s spring fling? Are they the same T-shirt designs from the year before that? Predictable is boring! Give your employees something new to look forward to. Give them a branded product, T-shirt, or hat that they will actually use and appreciate!

Many of you may have been burnt in the past by screen printing companies who mass-produce low-quality printed products that simply don’t last. But with just one order from Goodbye Blue Monday, you will know that you can put your trust in our printing services, our process, and our people. We are one thing in your life that you won’t want to change — except what you order from us.

To help get this reboot on your schedule and same-old-same-old routine started, we’re going to explain how the screen printing process works and show you some exciting promotional products that you can order this year.

How does screen printing work?

Screen printing typically uses a polyester mesh fabric, a wooden frame, stencils, and ink. To start the process, a stencil is made from the design using a process that involves a photo-sensitive emulsion, UV light, and vellum paper. For more details on this process, see our blog “A Brief History of Screen Printing.”

When the stencil is made, a T-shirt, or whatever product that is being screen printed, is placed beneath the screen. Ink is placed in the screen and uniformly spread across the area. The ink is then pressed through the screen with a squeegee, a flexible blade made of rubber or similar synthetic material. The graphic image is transferred to the T-shirt, or a variety of other substrates, including cloth, paper, wood, metal, and glass.

This same process is used by our Boulder screen printing crew every day to create high-quality products for you, your employees, and your customers.

So what can you order instead of the same-old T-shirts?

  • Drawstring Sportspack: The perfect summer accessory, a drawstring sportspack can carry your sunglasses and suntan lotion when you take a trip to the beach, workout gear to the gym, or even books when you need to get in some extra studying.


  • Collapsible Silicone Lunch Set: Make it easy to take your lunch with you wherever you go with a collapsible lunch set.


  • Garment Bag: Do your employees or yourself travel a lot? Always have fresh, wrinkle-free clothes with a durable garment bag.


Who knew screen printing had so many possibilities help you shake up your routine! If you want to add some excitement to your day or shake up your company’s spring fling, work with Goodbye Blue Monday for products that are reliable and functional.